A recent New York Times articled stated only 29% of rural and 47% of urban youth, aged 18-24, are enrolling in college. By comparison, the national average for that age range is 69.7%.  The term “education deserts” is bandied about when it comes to Af-Am children, but is it that exactly.  My guest, Obama Administration Presidential award finalist high school principal  Ms. Assata Moore doesn’t see it that way at all.  Under her leadership, 100% of her students were accepted to college and many other educational metrics exceeded.  

Although she retired in 2017,  Assata shares from behind the velvet rope tips on how parents can be better advocates for their children in the education system and how youth can best engage & plan during their high school career to help determine the outcome they seek – to be accepted to the university of their choice.

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Memorable Quotes
“People do not believe in the intellect of black people.” ~ Ms. Assata Moore

“We can send people to the moon. We have gone from gas cars to electric vehicles. I mean, all the things we’ve been able to do, we haven’t figured out how to adequately sufficiently and respectfully teach black children.” – Ms. Assata Moore

“The root of this is that this educational system is systematically racist. It is not designed for black children to exceed.”
– Ms. Assata Moore

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