The power of mentorship in life cannot be discounted. A good mentor helps a mentee to make decisions that help them reach their goals. A great mentor builds a mentees confidence in a way that less instruction or assurance is needed from others. A goal for me is when the mentor/mentee relationship transitions into a partnership. 

Dr. Cathy Owens-Oliver has been a mentor in the classroom to students as an educator, to young girls through her non-profit and to countless leaders in education through her work as a policy adviser.  On this episode of “On Campus with Monica Britton-West” she shares from her well of knowledge, expertise and experience to help students, parents and educators become partners toward success. 

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Memorable Quotes
“In my early years of teaching, I had some really great mentors, but I didn’t have a depth of understanding of what kind of working relationship we were supposed to have in terms of my professional development. ” ~ Dr. Cathy Owens-Oliver

“Students learn when teachers are intentional about student learning, what they need to.” – Dr. Cathy Owens-Oliver

“In the 10th grade, at 16 years old, students can take ownership of learning. They can take ownership of planning for their future.” – Dr. Cathy Owens-Oliver

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