During the COVID-19 pandemic conversations around caring for our individual mental health became commonplace as we struggled with being forced to say indoors. The isolation. The anxiety. The overeating.  The insomnia. The fear. These things didn’t just affect adults juggling working from home and remote learning, but students across K-12 and into college. 

“On Campus with Monica Britton-West” guest mental health expert Christina Broderick, LSW Founder of Ignite EDU and I spoke about all the things on how COVID has impacted us, how we’re fairing as outside opens back up and how to steward & strengthen our collective mental health capacities. 

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Memorable Quotes
“People tend to think mental health is the same thing as a mental illness. Nothing could be further from the truth.” ~ Christina Broderick, LSW

“I personally feel that it’s becoming more accepted in the black community for people to say, “Oh, I’m seeing a therapist.” – Monica Britton-West

“I talk very openly about going to therapy as well, because I think we need to see more people like us talking about it.”
– Christina Broderick, LSW

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