In 2017, The National Center for Education Statistics reported that more than 200,000 students who identify as having a learning disability would be entering college that year. In full transparency, I have three (3) autistic children in my immediate circle (two godsons and my bonus son), so this episode holds a special place in my heart.

As parents of differently-abled children traverse the education system, IEP (individual educational plan) meetings, feeling alone on an island doing their best to advocate for their child for the right resources at the right time in the right place. It all can feel like an overwhelming, exhausting rabbit hole when you don’t have support or know where to turn.

In this episode of “On Campus with Monica Britton-West” Dr. Nickey Woods shares from her 20+ years of experience and expertise serving families of one of the most under-served communities I can think of navigate the path toward higher education.

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Memorable Quotes
“We have to empower parents of color to be super advocates for their kids” ~ Dr. Nickey Woods

“Myth: A student on the (autism) spectrum can’t go to college and that they’re intellectually not capable of doing it” – Dr. Nickey Woods

“There’s a lack of resources in communities of color, particularly around disabilities & having the language to even discuss it.”– Dr. Nickey Woods

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