In 1970 the cost per semester for a public college was $405.00, private $1,792.  Fast forward to present day, people well into the workforce are walking around with mortgage-size debt in the hundreds of thousands attributed to attending college. The thought of having over $100k in debt could absolutely make some wary of attending school, but the fact is, depending on what your desired career path is (and financial intentions in life are) not attending college isn’t an option in most cases.

There is over $7 billion dollars in scholarship and grant money available annually, and close to half of that goes unclaimed each year.  My guest on this episode of “On Campus with Monica Britton-West” shares the alternative, debt-free college, which is real and possible.

Sit down and make sure you have a pen & paper handy because my guest Tanika Mangum of gives ALL the tips on how she attended not only undergrad debt-free but grad school, too.  My producer was so taken by what she shares while editing he immediately asked me to connect them so she could do a workshop for his family and 5 others who all have children going to college in the fall! Carve out some time for this episode and get the gems.

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