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A place for black girls in high school and millennial young women on college campuses & a few years out of college to learn, grow and achieve.

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S1:E5 Disability Advocacy + Higher Education

In 2017, The National Center for Education Statistics reported that more than 200,000 students who identify as having a learning disability would be entering college that year. In full transparency, I have three (3) autistic children in my immediate circle (two...

S1:E4 Debt-Free College FOR REAL!

In 1970 the cost per semester for a public college was $405.00, private $1,792.  Fast forward to present day, people well into the workforce are walking around with mortgage-size debt in the hundreds of thousands attributed to attending college. The thought of having...

S1:E3 ReWriting Our History: Building Dynastic Wealth

We've all heard the term generational wealth, on episode 3 I'm excited to speak with Professor LaTanya White who is a passionate about building wealth not just to "be rich" but to be financially healthy as a family.  When sending a child to college, being in college...

S1:E2 On Campus at an HBCU

In this episode I'm excited to talk about all things Historical Black College & University (HBCU) with my guest, Ms. Lauren Youngblood. A graduate of Dillard University located in New Orleans, LA, Lauren shares tons of great gems about becoming a student on the...

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