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Interested in bringing BGOC curriculum on your campus?  Let’s chat.

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Have a Simple Question?

If you have a quick question about applying to college, what to expect in college or life after college? Choose a 20 minute “Pick Your Brain” sessionMethod: Google Meet

I want BGOC curriculum for my students

Whether your a high school educator or administrator or Student Affairs professional on a college campus, BGOC P.A.T.H. (high school) or Lift As You Climb Development (college) is at your serivce.  Book a 30-minute time to chat on my calendar. Method: Google Meet

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I’m always looking for interesting guests to bring before my On Campus community, if that’s you, let’s chat. Complete the booking form  Here, and someone from my team will be in touch!  

I Need a Little Support

We win because we stay consistent, but life happens or sometimes you just don’t quite understand or, maybe an unexpected obstacle presents itself and you feel like you’ve hit a wall. Book a 5-Pack of CONSISTENCY SESSIONS (15 minutes of rapid fire goodness) so you can stay on track and get expert advice when you need it so you can stay crushing your plan & winning! Method: Video Conference + a recording of each call with written transcript