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Pick My Brain

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Clarity is KEY

Don’t know what you’re passionate about? Let’s figure it out, together

The Blueprint

You know what you want to do but what steps will get you there?

Consistency = Results

You’ve done the work now let’s be sure you stay on target

How Does It Work?


Have a Simple Question?

If you have a quick question about applying to college, what to expect in college or life after college? Choose a 20 minute “Pick Your Brain” sessionMethod: Conference Call

Need Some Direction?

If you’re not quite sure what you want to do or have a ton of great ideas but you’re not sure how to implement them, book a CLARITY IS KEY call. Method: Video Conference

I'm Ready!

If you’ve had a clarity is key call and you’re ready to go, book a BLUEPRINT call.  Here, I’ll take everything we discussed previously and put it into an actionable plan for you to follow toward your dreams! Method: Video Conference + a recording of our time together so you don’t need to take notes while we go over your plan. 

I Still Need a Little Support

We win because we stay consistent, but life happens or sometimes you just don’t quite understand or, maybe an unexpected obstacle presents itself and you feel like you’ve hit a wall. Book a CONSISTENCY call (which comes in a batch of four) so you can stay on track and get expert advice when you need it so you can stay crushing your plan & winning! Method: Video Conference + a recording of each call with written transcript