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My passion is to support and stoke the growth, maturation & evolution of  #blackgirlmagic among girls and young women. Read on to learn how I get it done!

Girls grades 9-12, I’ve got you covered.

I loved my time in college, but the path getting there was a little rocky.

Through Black Girl On Campus (BGOC) I equip, inspire & empower young black girls in high school to realize their dream of going to college.

On Campus Podcast

Insights for black girls and young women on what it takes to get into college, what happens while you’re in college and what in the world should you do once you graduate college.  Coming Soon!

LAYC Millennial Mentor to & for Black Women

I attended an impressive four-year institution of higher ed. I’ve experienced trying to figure out who I was professionally and personally once I graduated college. Trying to find a job in my desired field?  What was my desired field/career? Working jobs I loved and some that I didn’t. My life experience along with mentoring dozens of young adult women has taught me that when we focus on what truly makes us happy we can’t go wrong.  I’m here to help you do the same.

As college graduation draws near and resumes are fine-tuned, what makes you happy? Let’s dig deep together to figure out what it is, chase it and create a life that makes you happy!

Join Me On Campus! I Can’t Wait To See You In The Community!