College Knowledge University is a 6-week course and virtual membership community that assists participants during one of the most critical times in their lives, preparing to go to college.


On the CKU P.A.T.H. participants gain clarity, feel confident and feel prepared to apply to college, the next step toward their career.  


When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In CKU, participants will learn the steps required to best prepare to apply to college.


Gain invlauable insight on how to target your college search, mine for scholarships and manage your social media.


While you apply to college on your own, as you execute the actions required you’ll have a community alongside you for the journey. 


Let’s decide on your best option, prepare for what to expect once you arrive on campus, how to be your own advocate & more.


This season is a maze like no other for students who have no idea where to turn, have little help at home or in school but have a strong desire to attend & succeed in college.


Teaching Sessions + Interactive Workshops + Office Hours

For 6-weeks, participants will join me and  and experts in the areas of paying for college, identifying passion & career paths, building a strategic and balanced list of colleges, mental health and create “standout” extracurriculars that resonate with admissions officers. Upon completion, motivated students will be invited to a members-only community (for a nominal monthly fee) that unlocks the door to 1:1 mentoring, essay review, exclusive events and more.  Go from overwhelmed, confused & unsure to clear, confident and knowledgable on how to conquer getting into college.


College Knowledge University is for young women of color currently in the 11th or 12th grade in high school and/or their first-year of college. 


    CKU is for you if:

    –  You want to overcome the fear you currently feel about not knowing how to navigate the process of getting into college. 
    You want to be a part of a community where not knowing what you’re doing on your journey to college is okay and nothing to be embarrassed about.
    You want to develop as a student both inside & outside of the classroom in a way that will help you stand out from the applicant pool at your university of choice. 
    You want to create a strategic plan to help you end up at the university that best suits your career plans. 


    College Knowledge University is here to help you achieve one of your biggest accomplishments yet, getting into college.

    • Identify your passion and how going to college can help you turn that into a professional career path you love. 
    • Build a community of trusted advisers who will help you achieve personal & professional goals. 
    • Strengthen soft skills key to excelling professionally & personally. 
    • Be prepared to hit the ground running as a college freshman. 

    Hi, I'm Monica. CEO of CKU.

    I’d been thinking about doing an intimate course component coupled with a private community membership for some time. If upon completion of the course, which is open to a limited number of students, motivated students will receive an invitation to join me as a founding member of a monthly community of 1:1 mentoring, support, small groups and more and in return receive the lowest monthly fee that has ever be associated with CKU.

    COLLEGE KNOWLEDGE UNIVERSITY (CKU) MEMBERSHIP COMMUNITY is your all access pass to experts in various field of college admissions, ways to pay for college and more. You’ll get the steps, access and most importantly community support to help you be successful on your journey to and in college.

    CKU is an outgrowth of my business Black Girl On Campus (BGOC) where I work with African-American girls who will be/are first-generation students like I was.  Through my work I realized the need was greater. Even if a student’s parents attended college, the college application & admissions process has changed greatly over the years. There are only so many hours in a day and on average, high school guidance counselors routinely have a caseload well over the (insanely high) recommended 250-to-1 ratio.  Many families cannot afford to send their daughter to a private school with dedicated college prep support nor retain the services of college consultants that charge in the thousands.

    I had no idea what I was doing when I applied to college and that story is the same for far too many young women of color today.  I figured it out by myself and I know now several years removed from the college experience that I missed out on a lot & I did a ton of stumbling. I know what it means to be uncertain & unsure on your journey to college, once there and starting out in a professional career. What CKU does is help you feel confident, empowered, clear and ready to succeed applying to & once in college.


    You have questions? I have answers.

    Read on for answers to some of the most popular questions asked by families & institutions considering enrolling in College Knowledge University. If you don’t see an answer to a question you have, click below & drop me an email. 

    How much does CKU cost?

    As of July 2022, the 6-week course is $87.00. The CKU invitation-only membership community upon completion of the course a recurring charge of $30.00 per month.

    How long is CKU?

    Requirements to get into the college that best suits a participant’s needs can be fluid depending on a myriad of factors. The course component of CKU lasts for 6-week per cohort.  With new content being added every month, the CKU membership community is an ongoing commitment until a family/institution decides to cancel. 

    Can I pause my membership?

    I’d love to offer that option, but unfortunately at this time I cannot. The good news is, when the time is right for you to rejoin the community, all you have to do is send us an email & request to rejoin. The onboarding team will get back to you and they’ll be able to share with you the available options to rejoin. 

    What will be expected of my daughter in the CKU membership community?

    College Knowledge University is for a student who is motivated. By joining the membership community you will be given tasks to complete that are designed to help you feel 100% confident when applying to college.

    Will CKU help me pay for college?

    While CKU will not help you pay for college directly, as a monthly community member you will gain access to financial aid insights and scholarship opportunities to which you can apply to help offset the cost of college. You will also have access to an exclusive CKU scholarship opportunity as a high school senior in the membership community.

    Will I get lost in CKU?

    In CKU we do everything possible to keep members engaged and connected.  The number of participants is capped per cohort to ensure active participants who are involved and are reaching the designated milestones outlined. CKU is a community, if you ever feel you are losing your way please email our learning journey team. 

    Free Sessions

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    Not Quite Ready? I've Got You Covered

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