Purpose-driven, Proprietary Curriculum created to

The BGOC P.A.T.H. curriculum is a four-prong approach to college prep:
P – Plan, A – Act, T – Target, H – Happen. By taking the P.A.T.H., African-American girls grades 9-12 (with a special emphasis on first-generation students) acquire a comprehensive outline with actionable steps that help them navigate their path to college like a champion. 

Through a series of self-guided and live sessions from identifying passion, resume writing, college terms, identifying the perfect school, becoming a college fair champion, navigating campus, becoming a BGOC, coupled with self-discovery & development work, upon completion participants will be connected to succeed!

Perfect for schools and organizations, powered by P.A.T.H. curriculum, coupled with my gift of gab, BGOC features a library of topics crafted to generate insightful dialogue among parents & youth alike.

My Promise: To eliminate obstacles and uncertainty during one of the first big decisions an African-American girl in high school will make for her life, choosing the right college & pursing the right major – huge contributing factors in the span of life. Together they are the gateway to a future which only we alone can design. With BGOC by their side, participants discover their inner self-advocate aimed at ensuring their success upon matriculation.

Are you a parent of a young Black girl in high school and have a quick question or two about the college planning process?  Let me answer it for you on a 20-minute call.

You’re on your college campus! You’re excited! You’re ready to do this! 

But what exactly are you doing?  These classes aren’t anything like your high school experience.  Lecture halls have upward of 100 students in them.  You have to schedule time to see your professors during this thing called office hours.  I have to read 100 pages and do a paper in the same week? Why is my balance this high? The list of questions a first-generation college student has is endless because they did not have anyone to tell them what to expect or do to ensure success. 

They are overwhelmed and not sure how this is going to work out. Don’t worry,  there’s time to get on track because I’m here to help.  

#First is the BGOC program that works with African-American young women who are first-generation college students currently attending any college or university in the United States.  From study habits, to school work/balance, ways to pay for college, making friends, moving off campus, working while being a full-time student, how will I find a job upon graduation, the list goes on.  Bring #First to your campus or sign up for the next cohort here.

I attended an impressive four-year institution of higher-ed. I’ve experienced trying to figure out who I was professionally and personally once I graduated college. Trying to find a job in my desired field.  What was my desired field/career? Working jobs I loved and some that I didn’t. My life experience along with mentoring dozens of young adult women has taught me that when we focus on what truly makes us happy we can’t go wrong.  I’m here to help you do the same.

College graduation is in your rear-view, you’ve been on job interviews, you may even be employed in your desired career, or is it?  Maybe changing company’s gnaws at your heart, ultimately what do you really want to do? Let’s dig deep together to figure out what it is, chase it and create a life that makes you happy! 

Are you a Black woman no more than five years out of college and are in need of a community to support you as you navigate life adulting?  Sign up to be notified of the next LAYC cohort.  

I stumbled on my path to college, while on campus & once I graduated. I missed opportunities along the way.

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