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OCC is the community for parents, guardians and educators of African American young women who will be/are first-generation college students or the young women themselves.  

Are you a parent of a young Black girl in high school and have a quick question or two about the college planning process?  Let me answer it for you on a 20-minute call.


College Knowledge University is the BGOC™ membership community for Af-Am girls who will be/are first-generation college students who are currently in the 11th or 12th grade in high school and/or their first year of college.  College Knowledge University (CKU) gives members  access to me, college admissions & other professional experts that will make your journey in, to & while in college a success. The cost is nominal but the outcome by joining is massive.

I attended an impressive four-year institution of higher-ed. I’ve experienced trying to figure out who I was professionally and personally once I graduated college. Trying to find a job in my desired field.  What was my desired field/career? Working jobs I loved and some that I didn’t. My life experience along with mentoring dozens of young adult women has taught me that when we focus on creating our network or “Board of Directors” we can’t go wrong.  I’m excited to have partnered with my good friend NYC real entrepreneur Sara Sandra Richburg to create a platform to help you do the same

College graduation is near or in your rear-view, you’ve been on job interviews, you may even be employed in your desired career, or is it?  Maybe changing company’s gnaws at your heart, ultimately what do you really want to do? Let’s dig deep together to figure out what it is, chase it, and create the life you’re destined to have.
Are you a woman of color who is a:

  • Current undergraduate student
  • Current graduate student
  • Alumni of a college/university in the U.S.
  • Professional of color

and are in need of a community of support that will provide an outlet for networking, education, leadership & service?  Email us to be notified of our upcoming events and learn more about membership in our next cohort.

WOCN Mission
To engage a diverse community of women professionally and personally to advance our power as individuals and as a collective.

I stumbled on my path to college, while on campus & once I graduated. I missed opportunities along the way. I don't want another Black girl to experience what I did.

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