BGOC x I.M.A.N.E.E. Scholarships

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Instilling My Ability to Naturally Embrace Excellence (I.M.A.N.E.E.) is a wonderful non-profit organization founded by one of my first defined-in-my-mind mentees, Lauren Jackson.  I met Lauren at our then-shared church home in an early beta-version of what is now BGOC. The program I started in the church was focused on mentoring young Black girls and morphed into including a robust college planning cohort (the foundation of my P.A.T.H. program for girls in high school).  Lauren was a sophomore in college at the time so our work together was more on the BGOC Lift As You Climb/millennial Black woman side of things.  During her time in grad school she started I.M.A.N.E.E. and has made an impact on dozens of girls over the years while she finished her Masters and went on to complete her J.D., pass the Bar exam and become an attorney.  

It is my honor to partner with I.M.A.N.E.E. on our inaugural Excellence Scholarships! Yes, scholarships plural!   Thank you to all of our donors who have made the second (and) third scholarship opportunity possible under the BGOC umbrella. 

$1,000.00 each will be disbursed to one (1) winner in two separate categories – high school senior & a first-year college student.  As college-educated women who are keenly aware of the importance an advanced education plays in one’s successes in life AND who’s passion it is to ensure Black girls feel supported and win, we are excited to sponsor these opportunities!   

Click here for the full requirements and to apply for the 2021 fund year!